DARREN CUNNINGHAM AND THE FRAUDULENT CHECK‚Äč.  Mr. Cunningham on 3/23/2017 posted what was to be a 'BREAKING STORY" about a fraudulent check I was to be convicted of IN 1990!!!!  BREAKING NEWS!!!   This is the story behind the story. 

THE TRUTH.  YES i DID PLEAD GUILTY TO A NSF CHECK IN 1998.  BUT HERE ARE THE FACTS.  THE CHECK WAS WRITTEN TO A CARPENTER WHO DID NOT DO THE WORK BUT WAS AN UNDER COVER NARCOTICS OFFICER.  I STOPPED PAYMENT ON IT BUT NEGLECTED TO SEND A CERTIFIED LETTER WHICH IS REQUIRED IN SOUTH CAROLINA AS A RESULT A WARRANT WAS ISSUED.  THE CASE WAS THROWN OUT IN MAGISTRATES COURT ONLY TO LATER BE REOPENED WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE.  I MOVED AND DID  NOT RECEIVE NOTICE OF THE COURT DATE, DID NOT APPEAR. A bench warrant was issued.    I was arrested and placed in a cell for 5 days.  It was winter.  They would provide you with only shorts and a t shirt and only a single sheet for covers.  I froze.   Instead of heat they blew cold air through mold infested vents.  This was the D block where everyone plead not guilty and were awaiting bond hearing. Everyone was ill with constant hacking and coughing.   For those who plead guilty they were given warm clothes and placed in a healthy cell.  The entire population was of African American decent.  Most had been in there for several months for charges such as date rape, shoplifting, or writing a bad check. One individual was there for 4 days for illegal use of a horn.  He was in my cell.  He was a truck driver who honked his horn at an officer on the hyway who cut him off.  He had mellons he was transporting that all rotted as a result of his jail stay and was forced to pay towing and storage bills for his 18 wheeler.  Bonds were offered that were unreasonable  giving these poor people  no other option but to plead guilty which many did which made them unable to find employment.   I vowed when I got out I would do what ever I could to change this.  It made me sick to see these good black men  having their lives destroyed like this.     MY ATTORNEY NOTIFIED THAT THEY WERE NOT GOING TO CALL MY CASE FOR 2 YEARS as in South Carolina the prosecuting attorney  has the right to call cases in any order they wish.  Having no other choice just like my black brothers I plead guilty.   This was a law from way back when slavery ended and was enacted as a "Jim Crow" act to control the black population.  How it worked is if a person of African heritage was taking business or a threat to the white population they would make up charges on them, arrest them and fail to allow reasonable bond forcing a guilty plea.  Afterward they could not obtain any professional license or reasonable employment.   Not sure but I may have been the first white person it was used on.  But than again I was a Yankee in a place where the rebel flag still flies over the state capital!     I HAD A 2 WEEK OLD SON THAT NEEDED ME.  I PLEAD GUILTY.  They sentenced me to 2 years probation.  I paid $2,485.00 in fines ,7,500 in legal fees and $625.00 for a  check.  They placed me on high security probation which is given to those that have committed murder or rape.  The probation officer required me to be at the probation office at 8 am every day of the week he would not arrive until 5 pm.  That means for 6 months I had to stay in the probation office the entire day not allowing me to work.   Finally I met the probation director at a garage sale by chance and told him of this and he waved the probation to phone only as it should have been.   Having a 2 week old son and a 4 year old I had to work but now could not find work in South Carolina because of the now criminal record just like my black brothers.   So I worked nights in Charlotte North Carolina.  The probation office found out that I was leaving the state for work and either were going to violate my probation or I was to do 400 hours of community service.  Although I enjoyed the community service I needed to be spending the time feeding my family.  After paying off the fines and serving the 2 years I filed  EXPUNGEMENT documents  AND IT WAS MY UNDERSTANDING THAT THE SITUATION HAD BEEN EXPUNGED.  My sorrow was not for waist.  For several years I stood before the State Supreme Court as well as contacting State Representatives in an attempt to change these unlawful acts.  And finally after 7 years of effort the laws were repealed and the control of calling cases has been removed from prosecution.  Sadly to say when I was in jail I was the only white person out of several hundred.  Segrigation and ratial profiling needs to be removed from our government and society.  Several times I had helped the black individuals start their own businesses and I was present when the Masedonia Church in Manning South Carolina was burned.  Many members of the church were good friends and customers.  I was hated because I was color blind.  I watched at members of the KKK who burned this church walk away after only a few months from a 10 year sentence.  It sickens me that people allow this without a fight.

As for the other charges of "fraud" Mr. Cunningham has implied but not shown on camera.  THEY DO NOT EXIST!  I have demanded of him to show these.  He has not responded.  I HAVE DOWNLOADED A COPY OF MY STATE CERTIFIED BACKGROUND CHECK FROM SOUTH CAROLINA WHICH CLEARLY SHOWS THERE IS NOTHING OTHER THAN THIS CHECK .  I have requested a retraction without response.